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Agreements & Policies


Failure to receive, reschedule or cancel an order with appropriate notice may result in a strike. If a patient receives a strike, they will receive a phone call to let them know why and how many they have. If a single patient receives 3 strikes their access to our delivery program will be assessed and may be revoked.


A member from our team will reach out the day before delivery to confirm that the patient will be there to receive their products. The order must be confirmed in order to be sent out the next day.

Deliveries must be accepted in person by the patient or registered caregiver. Drivers will reach out a total of three times the day of their scheduled drop-off. If we are unable to get in contact after multiple attempts, the patient may receive a strike on their account and we will not attempt the delivery.

The phone number calling will be different than our retail phone number so please turn off any call blockers on the day of delivery.


We ask that to cancel or reschedule you let us know by 6PM the night before your scheduled delivery. If you must cancel the same day of your delivery please try to give as much notice as possible by calling the store at 410-267-3000. Canceling the day of scheduled delivery may result in a strike being placed on the patient profile.


GOLDLEAF: We offer returns within 30 days of purchase. Our policy covers damaged, shorted (Our packaging department will weigh out the product to confirm the discrepancy), or incorrectly tendered product. You can return your product(s) by bringing them back to our store with the original packaging for store credit, an exchange, or a refund for the original payment. Products cannot be tampered with or partially used to be returned under our policy.

Aroma: All Aroma sales are final.