Delivery FAQ


Can I call the store to place a delivery order?

We strongly encourage that you place your delivery order on our online website so you can choose your own delivery date and time when placing the order. However, feel free to call about any issues.

What happens after I place my order?

We put your order together for you and add you to the delivery route. All you must do is make yourself available during your scheduled delivery window, and answer the call from our drivers/coordinators when they are arriving at the delivery address.

What is your range of delivery?

We deliver to all counties in Maryland except Garret County. We are currently working on making our delivery services available state-wide.

Where can I have my order delivered to?

We only deliver to residentially owned addresses per MMCC law. No hotels, businesses, or public addresses. It does not need to be your personal address, just A private address.

What deals do I get?

You get the daily deal of the date you place your order, your scheduled delivery date has no effect. As well as any running delivery-only special. “In-store Only” deals do not apply to our delivery service.

Can I return an item through delivery?

We cannot accept any returns through our delivery service. Returns can only be accepted in-store.

Do you offer same day delivery?

No, unfortunately not yet. We are currently working towards making that possible for our respected patients.

Can I place an order for an exact time?

Orders are placed for specific time frames according to the delivery date and county. The qualified patient or caregiver must be available for the entirety of the allotted time frame. Most time frames are two hours with some being just one hour.

How far in advance can I place an order?

You can place an order up to 6 days in advance. Example: Your county is scheduled for delivery on Mondays. You can place an order as early as Tuesday morning all the way through to Sunday at closing time, so long as your county is not already fully booked.

Why can’t I place my delivery order?

If you can’t place a delivery order to your address, we are fully booked for your county. Check back periodically for any openings.

Can I adjust an order I've already placed?

Yes, please call us to adjust any existing delivery order. This ensures that you will maintain your scheduled delivery time while simultaneously keeping any available time slots open for other patients.

Can I pick up my delivery order in-store?

Absolutely, but we will not honor any delivery discounts unless your scheduled delivery window is unavailable due to delivery vehicle maintenance or unforeseen circumstances.